We've Got This!

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022
If there was ever a sequence of events that could take me out of the game permanently, the last few months of 2021 held all of them, and more.
The game of life.
The game of love.
The game of growth.
Of trying.
Of caring.
Of evolving.
I’m hobbling up to the plate of 2022
Bleeding out
Missing an arm
Covered in gashes, open wounds and bruises
Bawling my head off but wiping my tears out of my eyes so I can still see
One hand above my head to protect me from anything else falling from the sky. Like the sky itself
Two black eyes so huge I have to squint
Using whatever is around to pull myself along with every single last ounce of strength that I have
Sometimes crawling, belly to the ground
Just to get to the next rest stop in the journey
And I KNOW you very well may be able to relate to this exact feeling
My 2021 forecast said I would exit last year as a completely different, unrecognizable version of myself
No fucking...
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FREE CLASS: I'm not allowed to have more than I need...

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021
“I’m not allowed to have more than I need”
I was attempting to do a limiting belief clearing on myself last Friday on
“I’m not allowed to have good things”
Because I’ve noticed that my patterns of self-sabotage are at an all-time high recently and I’m so over it
When I discovered it was actually a smoke screen for the belief listed above:
I’m not allowed to have more than I need.
The idea of clearing this belief shook me to my core, so I knew I had found the original underlying pattern but the clearing of it was INTENSE!!
I found this belief was installed into the matrix. So I had to actually unplug myself from the collective in order to clear the belief.
(As a side note, I noticed with my most recent expansion I can now see the matrix. And I can see who’s plugged into it and who isn’t. I can see what is truth and what is a contrived installation plugged in to...
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You Are Already Important

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2021
We are important because of the people we are important to.
We were driving home from the lake last night, and we were commenting on how many people there were on the freeway.
And I was noticing we were one tiny car in a sea of cars, and that always fascinates me because our lives are so full.
Full of wonder, joy and love
Heartbreak and betrayal
Creation, destruction, loyalty and sociopathy
Our little experiences between the three of us (in the car) are so HUGE. So full. So multi-layered and expansive. Often devastating, and still so beautiful.
I always wonder about the people in the cars around me.
My life feels so important to me.
Theirs does to them. I always wonder what kinds of lives they lead. Where they’re coming from. Where they’re going to. What matters to them.
And I was wondering about what makes us different from each other. In a sea of taillights, what makes us stand out.
And the...
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Simplifying the Journey of Healing for All of Us!

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2021
The calm before the storm
The breath before the plunge
The stillness before the tornado
Here I sit, on the eve of my next evolution (that’s the poetic eve, not the literal eve 😂)
In the last few hours (metaphorically speaking) of sleep before it’s rise and shine cupcake 🧁!
They say that cleansings can be rough. This one has certainly been more brutal than most.
In a last ditch attempt to slough off all remaining garbage from my psyche, my team has been working triple time to prepare me for my ascension.
I coined a new term recently: astro leap. Because quantum leap actually feels slower than the speed I have been traveling recently.
In January, I make my transition (finally!) to spiritual leader.
Oh God. I want to barf 🤢
It’s time for me to take up my mantle.
I’ve been hiding in my small groups (totaling 67,000+ 😂), speaking truth and teaching the workings of the universe to a select few, with massive results all across the board. Life...
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Why Do We Keep Our Heart-Center Open?

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2021
Have you ever wondered why it feels better when you do an exercise, a meditation or a process with your heart center open? Or even to live that way in general?
I have known for a while that heavy emotions get trapped there and there is very little wiggle room in your being until you clear that out.
Almost like clearing out a junky closet so you can organize everything in there.
You can’t take in anything more (including positive things like happiness, love, abundance etc) when your heart “closet” is too full.
BUT two weeks ago I also found out some fascinating things.
1) We actually move energy (universal, consciousness, creative, soul, human, abundance etc) through our chakra points.
At first I was like “Duh! Knew that”. But then I witnessed the energy more closely, and I realized we don’t just move it. We also organize it, increase it, expedite it, and can redirect it.
What comes to mind...
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You Don't Have To Do It Alone...

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021
I think back to how many times the forces that don’t want me to rise have tried to keep me down. Since I was 5 years old, really.
How many times I’ve been trapped in fear, and forgot how powerful I am.
How many times I’ve been destitute, so the despair hid the deep knowledge from me of who the fuck I am.
How many times I’ve had actual people LITERALLY say to me “I’m going to destroy you. I’m going to kill your happiness. You will never recover after I’m finished with you” (at this point it’s at least 1-2 a year. I’m on a running total of 4 so far for this year so I must be real close 🤩😂)
How many bullies have tried to make me feel small and worthless.
How many times people have stolen money from me.
How many times people have violated my body, my boundaries and my sense of sovereignty.
How many times people have tried to ruin my reputation.
How many friends I lost to those people who tried to ruin my...
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Don't Miss This Free Class!

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021
Did you know that it’s possible to live your best life NOW, while still preparing for an amazing life later?
I’ve heard too many stories of people who suspend their life, happiness and joy for some “later” date only to never be able to reach it.
I mean, we KNOW death is certain and could literally happen at any time but we forget to incorporate that knowledge into everyday living.
We forget to live NOW.
We forget to enjoy what we have NOW.
We become settled into a humdrum existence for the promise of a far-off better future.
I know this because this used to be me.
And I no longer accept the idea that I will wait until retirement to start living my best life!
And if it seems far-reaching to live that way - NEVER FEAR!
I have a whole roadmap laid out that I will share with you on Saturday, November 20 @ 9am PST.
Join me for my free, LIVE workshop on Living Your Best Life NOW!
I have been shown the way to get the most out of life now and...
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Fear Keeps Us Safe... And Things Stay the Same...

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021
We are afraid of things that are different from us
Terrified, even.
It’s hilariously evidenced in a simple and easy to understand way in The Croods, with Grug’s mantra: “New is bad. What happens to people who see something new? They DIE!”
So we treat things and people that are different from us as less than. If we can marginalize them and make them feel small, then they will act small and stay mostly out of sight.
They don’t have to rub their “different-ness” in our faces.
But here’s the catch. We are all different. Innately. It’s how we were designed.
And because of this fear and loathing society has for things that are different from us, we have an innate sense of danger around people realizing we are different.
And so begins a futile operation of us painting and slathering ourselves with mud, sticks and leaves to try to blend into the background so that no one ever notices we are different
We spend our whole...
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What Is the Difference Between the Body, the Soul and Energy?

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021
What is the difference between the body, the soul and energy?
Also answered: What does ‘everything is energy’ mean?
Let’s start with “Everything is energy”
According to astrophysics, everything in the universe is made up of the same types of particles. And every particle is held together by energy. Some of the particles are vibrating slower, which brings them closer together forming matter i.e. you can hold it.
Some of them are vibrating further apart, so they exist in a non-matter state i.e. you can’t hold it.
And all of the particles are connected to each other by more energy.
AND, according to quantum physics, the deeper into each particle you dive, the more energy there is holding the particle together.
Which is how they can take the smallest particle - an atom - and create the largest bomb - an atomic bomb - which explodes simply (ha! She says 😂) by separating the atom from itself and releasing the energy stored within it.
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What It Means to Be a Mirror

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021
What does it mean when someone says “They’re being a mirror for you”?
This term “being a mirror” especially in regards to other people, is being thrown around a lot recently and I just want to make sure you know what it means.
When someone is a mirror for you it means that you are seeing something in them that is present in yourself.
They are “reflecting” back to you a characteristic, trait, event or experience.
This is also what it means when people say “your outside world is a reflection of you”.
There’s a long, complicated scientific explanation for this, but in short it’s due to something called “reticular activation”.
Reticular activation means essentially when your brain becomes aware of a thing and then suddenly starts scanning the outside world for that thing. I.e. You have never seen a Honda CR-V and then you buy one and suddenly it seems like everyone has one. You have just been...
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