Somber time...AND a time of great hope!

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2022
I love that this setting completely captures my mood
Someone once said to me “How come every other person in the world, your community, your clients, your friends & family … even complete strangers who you’ve never met… get to see and experience the very best parts of you.
Your unconditional love, your immense, beautiful heart, your limitless generosity and your bottomless acceptance.
And I don’t. I get the very worst parts of you. I don’t understand”
“How dare you!” I said. “If that’s true, it’s because you bring out the worst in me!”
And it wasn’t untrue. But how unfair and unkind of me to blame someone else for my wounds and traumas. For MY behavior, as if it was his responsibility to manage me.
It’s a sobering time - working through my relationship wounds - realizing the depth of the pain my trauma has...
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Dragon Wrestler Extraordinaire!

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2022
If my life was a forest, I’m in the deepest, darkest part wrestling the dragon
If it was a state, I’m in the swamps of Florida
If it was a house, I’m sitting in front of the most packed closet and it’s contents are strewn haphazardly all around me. Turns out I also shoved some food in here a long time ago and I’m trying to find it 🤢
I keep tripping over stuff.
Stubbing my toe.
Taking chunks of flesh out of my existence.
It’s always interesting to me to go through a deconstruction/ reconstruction because every time it happens, it’s usually right after… with a self-satisfied sigh, I’ve thought …
“Man. I’ve really got my shit together” 😂🤣
Then WHAM!
Initially, this process was terrifying.
It’s so humbling to find such deep, undealt-with trauma tucked away in a corner of your mind that has never seen the light of day.
It’s especially humbling to find that...
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The Best Version Of YOU!

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2022
Over the last few days I’ve been joking with my CoDA buddies that I’ve been able to build a successful business based on my codependence.
Especially, the following codependent characteristics:
- Attempt to convince others what to think, feel & do
- Freely offer advice and direction without being asked
- Have to feel needed in order to have a relationship with others
- Use charm and charisma to convince others of your capacity to be caring and compassionate (woah! That one hits home!)
And I started thinking about it more, and it runs REALLY DEEP for me.
The thing is I’m very powerful. I don’t talk about my power a lot, because it scares me.
I joked with someone a few weeks ago that I could run the world if I was so inclined, and I wasn’t kidding. I’m glad my intent is to heal it, because the capacity of what I could do makes me eyes water.
💖 I understand the psychology of humans and how the mind...
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Healing Relationship Trauma

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2022
As I move deeper into my healing, I’m learning so much.
One of the things that is fascinating and kind of sad, is that when you’ve been in a string of toxic relationships, your brain is so indoctrinated to the rollercoaster of emotions, that a relationship based on mutual respect, consideration of the other person’s feelings, needs and desires, compassion, open communication, vulnerability and honesty seems ….
Almost boring.
Where are the nights of desperate insecurity?
Where are the endless tears from the most recent rejection?
Where are the agonizing moments of trying to find a way to make that person see you, hear you, respect you & love you?
What about the hours or days you have to wait for a response to the last thing you said? Obsessing about what they might be thinking 🤔 What you may have said that was wrong. How you can fix what you don’t know is wrong 😑
The predictability of follow through,...
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How personal responsibility and surrender work hand in hand//

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2022
How personal responsibility and surrender work hand in hand//
They seem like opposing thoughts, but only if you assume that personal responsibility is synonymous with controlling OUTCOMES.
It isn’t.
Personal responsibility simply means taking responsibility for your actions, behaviors, reactions, responses, healing, choices (past & present).
Personal responsibility does NOT mean accepting responsibility of what was done TO YOU by someone else.
Only what YOU CHOSE OR CHOOSE to do about it.
Surrender is accepting that outcomes lie outside of your control.
Including people, people’s thoughts, emotions, perceptions (of you especially), opinions, beliefs, ideals, choices, actions, repeated actions, toxic cycles, addictions etc.
You do not control your children.
You do not control your partners and friends.
You do not control the unfolding or timing of events or situations (although...
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Happy Valentine's Day... (I'm Here For It!)

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2022

Valentine’s Day used to be such a triggering day for me, even (and sometimes especially) if I was in a relationship

Either I was with someone I didn’t WANT to celebrate the day of love with.

Or I was with someone who refused to spend it with me in the way I wanted.

Or I was alone, and I felt my aloneness deeply.

Longing for the day I would be with a partner that saw me, held me, cherished me, witnessed me in all the ways I desired.

Now I know the truth.

I wasn’t even CLOSE to ready for the depth and courage that kind of love would require of me.

I wasn’t CLOSE to being healed in the way I needed to be, to be able to stand in the same space as that champion of my heart.

The man that claims my heart will be a King, no doubt about it. And I’m not ready for a King.

YET. ðŸ˜ 

I barely just loved with an open heart for the first time.

I BARELY even just discovered what love even IS.

I’m so grateful for the mirrors along my path.

I feel remorse about the...

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Transform Your Money Mindset in 2022 - Details Here!

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2022
There’s this strange and magical energy in the air
Can you feel it?
It’s this energy of expansion and possibility
All the narrow focus on the last couple of years is lifting
People are remembering who they are, what they stand for and how powerful they are
It’s like we have been trapped in a teensy box and we are standing up, and stretching and shaking the pins and needles out of our legs
But it hasn’t yet begun to create inflow yet, even though we can FEEL the how pregnant the air is with abundance JUUUUUST beyond the veil
It’s like there’s a breath and a pause… waiting to see what we are going to do with our newly rediscovered freedom
And there’s confusion.
Which way do I go?
What is my focus?
What is important to me?
What do I want?
There’s a reassessment going on, as we realize that living life is WAY more important than the race for...
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Uncategorized Jan 20, 2022
There are a ton of CrAzY energies going around on the planet right now!
As we, as a human race, move powerfully into the next era - one of love, cooperation, grace, consideration, sovereignty, respect and empathy - there are forces that are absolutely NOT ready to let go of the old ways. The ways of manipulation, fear, power, control, suppression, suffocation, dishonoring, invalidation and shaming.
These energies, whether real people or simply energetic entities are moving into an all-out, winner-takes-all, backed-into-a-corner-coming-out-swinging kind of fight where no tactics are disallowed and any behavior is acceptable to achieve their means.
They don't know that they've already lost.
But they sure can make the world unpleasant while they go down kicking and screaming 🙄
It is vital that you hold your ground against these energies, and protect your space, because their GOAL is to tire you out so much that you stop fighting for yourself and...
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Official launch of DĒP Ministries is here!

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022
*She says like she hasn't been counting down the days 😂*
Tomorrow, I am officially launching DĒP Ministries, and although I'm behind on ALMOST EVERYTHING, I am soooooooo excited, sooooooo ready, and I soooooo encourage you to tune in.
Why? Why would you want to start tuning in to this weekly free livestream? What are you going to get out of it? Why would you add one more thing to your already busy life?
Let me tell you why. You will get:
1) A spiritual home that doesn’t use shaming tactics, blame or fear to get you to follow their doctrine. If you’ve been looking for a way to connect with Creator in a non-specific but incredibly powerful way, then you’ve found that with us. Our teachings are based in straight universal truth, simple, easy to understand, accepting and non-judgmental.
2) A community of people who believe what you believe, that we should leave the world better than we found it, that we should all...
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Feeling and expressing our emotions...

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022
Part of claiming your inner divinity, especially as a woman, is fully embodying and expressing the way you feel when you feel it, no matter how other people might perceive you.
Others may think you are too emotional, too wishy-washy, too unstable, too changeable, too MUCH.
But when you give yourself permission to behave this way, you know the truth.
That you are a wild, fluid, grounded, ever-evolving being of love and it is your divine right to be so!
This is not a carte blanche to treat anyone with disrespect. The cardinal rule “Everyone deserves an equal amount of respect” still stands at ALL times, no matter how you may feel or what may be going on. We don’t direct our emotions AT someone or BLAME someone for them. But feeling and expressing them outwardly?
BIG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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