You Are Already Important

Nov 28, 2021
We are important because of the people we are important to.
We were driving home from the lake last night, and we were commenting on how many people there were on the freeway.
And I was noticing we were one tiny car in a sea of cars, and that always fascinates me because our lives are so full.
Full of wonder, joy and love
Heartbreak and betrayal
Creation, destruction, loyalty and sociopathy
Our little experiences between the three of us (in the car) are so HUGE. So full. So multi-layered and expansive. Often devastating, and still so beautiful.
I always wonder about the people in the cars around me.
My life feels so important to me.
Theirs does to them. I always wonder what kinds of lives they lead. Where they’re coming from. Where they’re going to. What matters to them.
And I was wondering about what makes us different from each other. In a sea of taillights, what makes us stand out.
And the fascinating thing that came to me is that what makes us stand out from the crowd are the people who have picked us out of the crowd to care about.
(Now, as a caveat, let me just mention that if the ONLY way you can feel important is dependent upon your importance to someone else, then you have work to do. Ideally, you feel important within yourself regardless of how other people find you)
We become important because we are important to someone else.
They suddenly choose to be part of our lives. To support us. To cheer us on. To care about us, and to have concern about us. To love. To follow. To trust. To believe in.
There’s a beautiful line in Save The Last Dance about why we would ever want to partner with someone.
And Susan Sarandon says “You’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will witness it’”
And that applies to friends too, in my opinion. And communities we build around ourselves.
And we severely underestimate our importance to and impact on others. If you paused, right now, to tally how many people you know you’re important to, I would bet money that you wouldn’t even get a quarter of the people.
You are important.
Your voice matters.
Your opinion matters.
Your creations matter.
If you’re looking for measurable evidence, you may not find any.
But I know I’m right.
I usually am. 😏😉😌
Remember that. You have nothing to prove. You are already important 💜


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