Why good people struggle with money

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The diabolical genius of the darkness constantly amazes me

They put into effect a solid pre-emotive strike to prevent consciousness from rising

They  made good people -

You know

The ones who are here to do good things

Make the world better

Raise consciousness-


They made money - and people who have it - “evil”.

They made struggle and suffering “pious”

And venerated leaders who lived in poverty

They be implanted fearful narratives around money DEEP into the bedrock of society’s consciousness

Such as “There’s not enough for everyone”

“If you take more than you need, you are stealing from someone else’s portion”

“You have to work hard and sweat blood to get it”

“Accepting money for your gifts is gross - disgusting”

And it’s all BULLSHIT!

The tide is shifting.

The only way to finish what you came here to do is to make friends with money

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