Why Do We Keep Our Heart-Center Open?

Nov 18, 2021
Have you ever wondered why it feels better when you do an exercise, a meditation or a process with your heart center open? Or even to live that way in general?
I have known for a while that heavy emotions get trapped there and there is very little wiggle room in your being until you clear that out.
Almost like clearing out a junky closet so you can organize everything in there.
You can’t take in anything more (including positive things like happiness, love, abundance etc) when your heart “closet” is too full.
BUT two weeks ago I also found out some fascinating things.
1) We actually move energy (universal, consciousness, creative, soul, human, abundance etc) through our chakra points.
At first I was like “Duh! Knew that”. But then I witnessed the energy more closely, and I realized we don’t just move it. We also organize it, increase it, expedite it, and can redirect it.
What comes to mind is a roller coaster 🎢. There often are parts of the roller coaster that slow down or speed up too much and we go through a check point that adjusts the energy accordingly, often sending us in a scary and/or thrilling new direction (depending on your perspective 😂). Most frequently: DOWN! 😂
Fascinating! Our chakras play an active part in Earth’s energy management. Which makes sense why we would want them to be clear and open.
How can energy move through if your doorway is all blocked up?
2) Each chakra has a different cadence and can affect energy differently. Almost like each one paints the energy with a different color brush.
There are lots of coaches who favor the sacral chakra (just below your belly) or the root (genitals) because of the delicious cadence these sensual chakras paint onto the energy. And we as humans like delicious things. 😋🤤🔥
And as an incredibly sensual being, I quite enjoy the whole movement that is rising of creating abundance through sensuality and sexuality.
3) Just creating through one or two chakras, albeit powerful, is still pretty one dimensional.
Not only that, but the heart chakra is the most powerful. It is the most activating. The most expediting. And its energy is easier to receive for those who have sexual trauma, than the root or sacral energy.
It is the most wholesome. You can feel the energy of unconditional positive regard there.
Moral of the story.
Keep your heart chakra open, turned on and free-flowing to increase all of the goodness you want in your life (and decrease all the heaviness you have).
If you don't know how to do that, watch this free class


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