“Why am I not playing full out?”//

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We know when we aren’t playing our biggest game
Not playing full out
We  can feel it in our bones
We hesitate when we know we should act
We hold back, when we know we should speak
We don’t say the thing that’s tripping off the edge of our tongue
We don’t take the opportunity that’s in front of us
We feel a little scared and we allow our fear to create reasons and justifications
It’s not a good time
I’m too tired
I’m not cut out for it
Someone better than me will handle it
And then we kick ourselves
Knowing we could’ve leapt but we didn’t
Why do we do this?
For a variety of reasons
But the biggest one
Is that we are afraid that if we play full out
And lose
It will confirm the thing we are really afraid of
The thing we would rather avoid
The thing we’d rather spend our whole lives showing up half way
Playing a kind of okay game
Having a mediocre experience
We are afraid that we actually aren’t enough
That we are really broken 😞💔
And we would rather do anything than have that fear confirmed
What do we do about that?
How do we ditch that and play the BIGGEST game that we’ve got?
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