Where did all my money go?//

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Once we get passed a certain level of being able to generate money
There’s another challenge that tends to come along.
That  although there’s not too much of a problem GENERATING money
It seems to evaporate too quickly πŸ’¨
One moment it’s there πŸ€‘
And the next it’s gone πŸ€”πŸ€·‍♀️
And this frustration starts to build
Because we made it off the feast and famine rollercoaster, and now we seem to be on a NEW rollercoaster 🎒
I call it:
We get to a level of income that we assumed would feel easier, more free, and have less money worries
Maybe it’s 6 figures, maybe it’s multiple 6 figures
And it’s not as easy as we were hoping.
There’s still fear around money there, specifically that money is going to leave and stop coming back.
And then it seems to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. BOOOOOO!
What needs to be resolved is three pronged:
1. Get into a consistently manifesting state so money is always rolling in
2. Identify where money is leaking out of your account in ways you aren’t even aware of (and it’s happening, trust me!)
3. Remove any beliefs that say:
❌ You don’t deserve to be comfortable.
❌ It doesn’t get to be this easy.
❌ You’re not allowed to feel safe, to have extra, to have more than others.
Once you do that, you’ll officially break the “NOW YOU SEE ME … NOW YOU DON’T” pattern πŸ₯³
And move to your next level of effortless abundance ✨


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