We've Got This!

Jan 12, 2022
If there was ever a sequence of events that could take me out of the game permanently, the last few months of 2021 held all of them, and more.
The game of life.
The game of love.
The game of growth.
Of trying.
Of caring.
Of evolving.
I’m hobbling up to the plate of 2022
Bleeding out
Missing an arm
Covered in gashes, open wounds and bruises
Bawling my head off but wiping my tears out of my eyes so I can still see
One hand above my head to protect me from anything else falling from the sky. Like the sky itself
Two black eyes so huge I have to squint
Using whatever is around to pull myself along with every single last ounce of strength that I have
Sometimes crawling, belly to the ground
Just to get to the next rest stop in the journey
And I KNOW you very well may be able to relate to this exact feeling
My 2021 forecast said I would exit last year as a completely different, unrecognizable version of myself
No fucking shit!
What I failed to comprehend (for a good reason) was how many of my remaining bones would have to be broken and ground into dust to get there
(Read: Every. Single. One.)
I have many thought-provoking, inspiring posts coming for 2022, but for the moment, this is where I’m at.
And the MOST amazing, awe-inspiring part of this journey is:
I’m still totally 💯 IN!
My body, heart and brain are all breakable but my spirit is not.
Even through the pain, the inevitability that I will reach my goal posts, my destination, my mission is 100% in tact.
I will achieve my mission, or I will die trying.
There’s no question in my mind, that I am and will continue to keep giving life ALL I have. ALL I am. Loving as hard as I am able, every step of the way
My deep, unwavering certainty is still deep and still unwavering.
If it takes me 10 x longer than I originally planned so be it.
I will keep coming back to Earth again and again and again until it is complete.
And therein lies the most beautiful thing about humanity
The thing that will keep my hope in humanity fresh and alive always
The thing that brings me to sobbing tears at its sheer delicate beauty and graceful, underestimated strength
*Happy, relieved sigh* 😌
You’re only broken while you’re broken. You will heal.
Your heart may shatter into a million pieces over and over again, but it will mend and grow back stronger and more capable of bigger love
Your soul will be bruised but it will ALWAYS remain in tact
You ALWAYS have the ability to get back up one more time
Exhaustion is simply that. Rest, recuperate and come at it again with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit
The timeline that is stressing you out is arbitrary. Put that fucking shit down!
Just be. Just notice. Just live. Just feel. Just recover. Just love whatever you can through it all, and if that is nothing, so be it.
THIS is where we find out what we are made of
THIS is where we do the LIVING part of being alive.
It’s not just the good stuff.
It’s all the stuff.
We’ve got this. You ARE strong enough.
Let’s do this shit! 😏🔥


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