Transform Your Money Mindset in 2022 - Details Here!

Feb 04, 2022
There’s this strange and magical energy in the air
Can you feel it?
It’s this energy of expansion and possibility
All the narrow focus on the last couple of years is lifting
People are remembering who they are, what they stand for and how powerful they are
It’s like we have been trapped in a teensy box and we are standing up, and stretching and shaking the pins and needles out of our legs
But it hasn’t yet begun to create inflow yet, even though we can FEEL the how pregnant the air is with abundance JUUUUUST beyond the veil
It’s like there’s a breath and a pause… waiting to see what we are going to do with our newly rediscovered freedom
And there’s confusion.
Which way do I go?
What is my focus?
What is important to me?
What do I want?
There’s a reassessment going on, as we realize that living life is WAY more important than the race for money that we were obsessed with before the world went BONKERSVILLE!
But, we still need money. We live in a paradigm that uses money to pay for our lifestyles.
And how do we balance that with our dawning discovery that we don’t want to LIVE to WORK? We actually just want to LIVE.
We align our money mindset with our new way of being.
Well… easy for me because that’s what I’m good at helping people with. Maybe not so easy for you! 🤣
However, I’m nothing if not perpetually trying to solve the world’s problems
So I’m hosting a free workshop next Thursday at 5 pm PST, called “Transform Your Money Mindset in 2022”
Because I believe that you should have it ALL and it is your divine right to do so.
See you then! 💜


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