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Mar 09, 2022
Over the last few days I’ve been joking with my CoDA buddies that I’ve been able to build a successful business based on my codependence.
Especially, the following codependent characteristics:
- Attempt to convince others what to think, feel & do
- Freely offer advice and direction without being asked
- Have to feel needed in order to have a relationship with others
- Use charm and charisma to convince others of your capacity to be caring and compassionate (woah! That one hits home!)
And I started thinking about it more, and it runs REALLY DEEP for me.
The thing is I’m very powerful. I don’t talk about my power a lot, because it scares me.
I joked with someone a few weeks ago that I could run the world if I was so inclined, and I wasn’t kidding. I’m glad my intent is to heal it, because the capacity of what I could do makes me eyes water.
💖 I understand the psychology of humans and how the mind works to a level that I’ve only seen mirrored in a couple of other humans on this planet (and they’re rich & famous for it 😬)
💖 My traumatic childhood taught me how to connect and relate to people in a way that is completely disarming. I know how to create instant trust.
Eg. I had a job for a year that depended on my ability to get people I’d never spoken to to give me their credit cards (for insurance 😆) within 15 mins or less over the phone. And I was really good at it! Second only to the most manipulative liar in the office (because I refused to lie).
💖 I have cultivated a set of skills and abilities that can shift or change moods, thinking, mental scripts and behavior within seconds
💖 My intuition is on the “psychic” level, so when I talk to someone I can see their whole past mapped out. And can see, with crystal clarity, what they can do to have the future they want.
💖 I have a strong power of conscious creation. If I want something and ask for it, as long as I’m open to receiving it, I usually get it. Often, within 48 hrs or less.
💖 I work on a 9D level, and have for some time. Which means I see and work with far more layers of existence than the average bear 🐻 😆. My current healing is opening me up to 12D healing abilities.
💖 I am tenacious and persistent.
💖 I’m a quick study and have a FANTASTIC memory
A few years ago, I realized what a responsibility this set of characteristics are. And how much trust my clients have in me, that they know I will only use my abilities to help them create what they want in their lives.
But all of it was previously based on the notion of:
“Oh! Your life isn’t what you want? Give it to me. I’ll take care of it”
Now that I am practicing my new skill of empowering others by teaching and not rescuing, releasing control over their outcomes and letting God come in more and do his magic 🪄 the craziest things are happening within my clients lives. Quantum shifts that I’ve never seen before, are happening in minutes.
It’s now an expectation that my clients will come out of their sessions saying “I’m different. Who I was before doesn’t exist anymore, and I will never be the same again”
My point is, Step One of the 12 steps is “We admitted we were powerless over others, and our lives have become unmanageable”
And I’m not. I’m not powerless over others. I have to have permission (according to Divine Law) but I can absolutely affect what others do, say, think and feel.
But my life had become unmanageable. I had taken it as a personal responsibility that I was supposed to heal the world and everyone in it. And it was crushing the life out of me.
A client says to me “Can’t you just take that out?” And historically I’ve said “No, of course not”.
I’m realizing: I lied.
I can just take that out.
But that is completely against natural and divine law. I am not supposed to. It’s a violation of sovereignty and it’s an imposition on someone’s journey of self-empowerment and self-discovery.
It’s easy for me to give the answers, do the process and fix the thing. Truly.
But it’s wrong. It’s codependent. And it’s not me being my highest evolution of self.
It’s beautiful to watch my clients have MUCH better results now that I’m not trying to control the process and letting God have more room.
It’s a challenge. But it’s so so beautiful.
Imma keep getting better at it.
People often ask me why I’m not MORE successful than I am when I can do what I can. And it’s simple. I refuse to use my knowledge to manipulate people for personal gain.
Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.
Cheers 🥂 to always working on being the best version of yourself
🎤 ⬇️


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