Spiritual leaders and healers, you are never done healing your own wounds and evolving

authenticity evolution growth healers healing integrity manifestation manifesting spiritual leaders Apr 28, 2023
One of the biggest spiritual ego traps that people that follow a spiritual path can fall into
Is as a soon as they start to have a couple of people listening to what they say
Or they make a bit of money being who they are
All of a sudden they can think they are now above doing their healing work, because they are now leaders and healers.
Or, maybe worse, they try to do it themselves. Giving them the “impression” that they are working on their healing, but they can’t see their own bullshit. Hence why we need a kind and loving mirror.
And this is such a travesty, because a very powerfully gifted person can get lost in their wounding and start wounding everyone around them, simply from their own denial and ignorance that they will always have work to do.
And the minute you are in an influential position your words cut deeper and leave scars deep in the soul of people who give you their complete trust.
It is one of the most heartbreaking paradigms for me to watch (and experience) play out in the healing space. So much unnecessary re-wounding.
On the flipside of that is when you meet people who are committed to their expansion and healing for life, it is life-giving.
Like quenching yourself in an oasis after a lifetime of walking the desert.
It is such a joy to be around these guys, and keeps me having hope in the evolution of the spiritual community.


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