Simplifying the Journey of Healing for All of Us!

Nov 22, 2021
The calm before the storm
The breath before the plunge
The stillness before the tornado
Here I sit, on the eve of my next evolution (that’s the poetic eve, not the literal eve 😂)
In the last few hours (metaphorically speaking) of sleep before it’s rise and shine cupcake 🧁!
They say that cleansings can be rough. This one has certainly been more brutal than most.
In a last ditch attempt to slough off all remaining garbage from my psyche, my team has been working triple time to prepare me for my ascension.
I coined a new term recently: astro leap. Because quantum leap actually feels slower than the speed I have been traveling recently.
In January, I make my transition (finally!) to spiritual leader.
Oh God. I want to barf 🤢
It’s time for me to take up my mantle.
I’ve been hiding in my small groups (totaling 67,000+ 😂), speaking truth and teaching the workings of the universe to a select few, with massive results all across the board. Life transformations. Quantum upon quantum upon quantum leaps abounding.
Many clients going from lost at $0 income to $1 Million+ in less than a year.
And it’s time for me to open my doors to everyone who needs me who is willing to put in the work to reap the unbelievable results of ascension.
I have used all kinds of different reasons and justifications to stay small and off the radar.
“No one will understand”
“I’m nobody”
“I don’t care to debate with the ignorant who will likely argue at every turn”
“I’m too busy”
“There’s not enough time”
“I can’t”
“It’s too big”
“Again, may I remind you that I’m nobody”
“It’s too hard”
“I’m too broken. No one will want to learn from me”
And on and on.
And I’ve run out of excuses.
It’s just time.
You WOULDN’T BELIEVE the wringers I have been put through the last few weeks in
1 ) An attempt to distract me from rising by the ones who don’t want me to rise
2 ) By my team of light who have been prepping me for my big next leap
Jeff and I have had to deal with saboteurs (very cunning and creative ones) of epic proportions who are hell bent on splitting us up. (Which is cute because … um, what? No.)
The tax board drained my bank account overnight, for taxes AFTER they had agreed to set up a payment plan. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Huh?
My payment methods started getting shut down and blocked randomly.
Miscommunications abounded between myself, my team and my clients creating a ton of confusion.
My business structure suddenly was noticeably obsolete overnight, leaving me confused and uncertain about the future of my company.
Whatever dark forces exist within Facebook have created a major obstacle to my community even seeing my posts.
I have been confronted by and have overcome all of my worst nightmares. At the same time. With very little space or rest to do so.
And here I am. Taking a breather. Ready for my next phase. Feeling VERY proud of myself indeed for continuing to get up one more time.
Since I am starting a spiritual ministry, I am going to create a non-profit. I will probably also soon have a physical location that people can come to hear me teach.
Under which I can fund all of the humanitarian and evolutionary projects that have been built into my very bones to create.
I am going to simplify the journey of healing, growth, evolution and abundance into the most digestible nuggets, and put them on a fun to use app.
I am going to make my classes, courses and programs easy and inexpensive to purchase as one-offs, or modules.
And I’m going to strategize and build into my company a structure to prep anything I won’t be using under my non-profit to sell, since it’s valued at $1.6 Million.
But MAN. The dissolution and destruction of old patterns and beliefs that had to happen in order for me to allow this next evolution has been HUGE.
I may open a for-profit business again in the future, but I am now putting down the idea that I will own a multi-million dollar for-profit company. (Non-profit yes! And those funds will go exactly where they were always meant to!)
It’s a dream I’ve had since I was young. And it’s not important anymore. But the releasing of it still takes some work. I still am in the process of un-gripping my fingers, if I’m honest. Ego is still dying around this 😂🤣
But ready or not. It is finally time.
Big things are coming for us all.
DĒP Ministries is launching in January, 2022.
And even better, it’s only TWO MORE DAYS until vacation! Wahooooo!! My man surprised me by taking 5 DAYS OFF! 🤩🥰🥰🥰
🎵 Vacation all I ever needed, vacation had to get away!🎶


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