Official launch of DĒP Ministries is here!

Jan 12, 2022
*She says like she hasn't been counting down the days 😂*
Tomorrow, I am officially launching DĒP Ministries, and although I'm behind on ALMOST EVERYTHING, I am soooooooo excited, sooooooo ready, and I soooooo encourage you to tune in.
Why? Why would you want to start tuning in to this weekly free livestream? What are you going to get out of it? Why would you add one more thing to your already busy life?
Let me tell you why. You will get:
1) A spiritual home that doesn’t use shaming tactics, blame or fear to get you to follow their doctrine. If you’ve been looking for a way to connect with Creator in a non-specific but incredibly powerful way, then you’ve found that with us. Our teachings are based in straight universal truth, simple, easy to understand, accepting and non-judgmental.
2) A community of people who believe what you believe, that we should leave the world better than we found it, that we should all work together, who believe in co-operation over manipulation and control, and take responsibility for each of our parts in raising the vibration of the planet. If that resonates with you, we are your people. This is your tribe!
3) Support. Emotional, practical, and physical support is available on all different levels. Our goals as humans are simple. Grow, experience and bring others with us (aka teach how to grow and experience). Simple but NOT easy. The path of growth involves much discomfort and many pitfalls back to the comfort zone. It is easiest to do with people around you to hold you accountable, and who obviously care about your evolution. Sometimes we need a helping hand or a guiding light just to point the way to the exit when we are lost in the darkness. That’s what DĒP is here for.
4) The opportunity to step out of The Affluence Addiction, and focus on living your life. You will be able to choose to stop wasting time, energy or life force on things that aren’t important to your journey. You will learn how to maintain a deeper connection to life, spirit and other human beings around you.
5) A healed, cooperative, transformative relationship with money. We are meant to have all of our needs met in abundance. We are meant to have surplus. There is and always has been PLENTY of resources to go around. Just because the resources have historically been controlled by a few people, doesn’t mean that you can’t have access to as much as you need and more. Those who came here to make positive changes in the world actually have MORE money and resources earmarked for them, in order to facilitate the changes. We do not live in a universe where Creator would ask us to sign up for a mission and then make us struggle and scrape by to complete it. We DO live in a universe where Creator would provide us all the resources we need, but require that we reach out and take them, and grow in order to learn how to do so. Through following the DĒP practices, you will heal your relationship with money, and become a money magnet.
6) A feeling of confidence, empowerment and self-possession. You will learn the ability to shed all the anger, grief, depression, anxiety and apathy/ numbness you’ve been carrying. You will have the opportunity to move into deep acceptance with your imperfections and humanity, feeling your own preciousness and tender-heartedness towards yourself, rather than angry, frustrated or judgmental. You will stop having unpredictable explosions on those around you, and learn healthy ways to release and let go of anything you no longer want or need to carry. You will learn how to maintain peace in your heart, no matter what is going on around or to you.
7) Self-mastery. You will learn how to be a person who follows through with the promises you make to yourself and others. You will decide to change a behavior and then do it. Through self-mastery, you can save money and grow your investment accounts, be the healthiest version of yourself, at the size that you want, and stop turning to other behaviors that numb you out (drinking, eating, drugs, sex, shopping, working) fully experiencing your life in each moment.
8) To break toxic, unhealthy cycles in yourself and your ancestral line once and for all. Is there a cycle in your life you are really fucking sick and tired of? Maybe always being broke. Or always picking the wrong partner. Or always sabotaging your success or happiness. By following the DĒP path, you will have the opportunity to dissolve all cycles that are no longer serving you.
9) You. You will get yourself BACK. Or maybe even for the first time. You will find out who you are, what’s important to you and learn how to reconstruct a life around you that supports you being you, that pays you for being you, and that cherishes your soul deeply. Learn what your mission is, remember who you are and find your way back to yourself. Boundaries, honoring, respect and sovereignty, all things you will gain from following DĒP Ministries’ teaching.
10) Tools and knowledge that will help you raise your children as whole, healed humans. You will learn how to create independent, self-sufficient, contributing adults who will be the leaders of the future, while maintaining peace in your home. You will learn how to set loving boundaries with your children so that power-struggles and screaming matches become a thing of the past.
11) Healing tools and techniques that will help you help those around you. The ability to tap into your psychic gifts and spiritual powers will be within reach. You will access the opportunity to help elevate the vibration of Earth into 5D and beyond. If you know you came here for a purpose, for something special, this teaching will give you a path to figure out what that is, and how to do it!
See you tomorrow morning at 10 am PST! If you resonate with the teachings, please share with your friends, invite them to the stream and become part of our community 💜
Watch livestream here >>>


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