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I hear this from time to time

And it’s valid  

Usually the people who have this belief

Have tried a LOT of things

Maybe they’ve tried absolutely EVERYTHING they can think of

And legitimately nothing has worked

And there’s a reason for that

Let’s birds-eye view this for a moment

The brain has one job, and one job alone.

Keep everything working THE SAME AS IT ALWAYS HAS.

The part MOST people miss is;


What does that mean?

That means if there’s the belief “Nothing works for me” buried deep in the unconscious mind

Which spoiler alert: If the thought comes up, the belief is there

The brain has only one option: keep everything the same.

It has to prove that belief right.

Because if something actually WORKED, it would change everything.

And the brains job is to keep everything the same.

So no matter whether the thing DOES ACTUALLY WORK or not

The brain will torpedo it to make sure it DOESNT

That can look like you give up too soon, you keep changing small things that undermine the whole process or structure, or you simply don’t notice the positive changes

Thereby reinforcing: Nothing works for me

The ONLY way to find something that works for you, is to clear this limiting belief first.

And the only way to clear this limiting belief is with Timeline Therapy or hypnosis.

Like my client Dan.

He was trying, trying, trying to scale his business past $12K a month.

He’d spent hundreds of thousands of dollars

Over a 10 year period

And tried so many things - that even I had never heard of - just to find something that worked.

And when we started working together, nothing was working for him again.

UNTIL I finally spotted that limiting belief that underlined ALL the work he had done.


Soon after, Dan’s income popped up to $17K consistently.

Then it climbed to $24K.

Then it bounced to $35K.

And even landed on $50K one month 🤯

Incredible! And not the first or last time, I dare say.

We actually clear this limiting belief in Practical Manifesting (my signature group program)

Email me at [email protected] if you want more info 

Holding you in gorgeous manifesting energy, 

💜  Abi xoxo 


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