Introducing: Money - a love story ❤️

manifestation wealth alchemy wealth attraction May 22, 2024

A 12 week mini-course to create a supportive, nurturing relationship with money so you can embark on the co-creation of a lifetime!

If you and money went to counseling, what would it say about you?

Many people are tired of feeling stressed out, anxious and nervous about money.

It feels like the problem that will never go away!

Whether they feel like they are always living paycheck to paycheck, no matter how much money they actually have.

Or even if they are great at making lots of money, but have a hard time holding onto it...

It still creates the same feelings: anxiety, fear and frustration (and often shame 🤫)

I have a radical solution for this that is a bit out of the box.

I propose to help you fall in love with money, and have an AMAZING, co-creative relationship with it.

Can you relate to any of these: 👇

Obstacle 1: You constantly feel like there’s never enough money, and you are wondering what you are doing wrong. You feel like money hates you!

Obstacle 2: You feel like you’re able to make money (maybe even a lot of money) but you don’t seem to be able to hold onto it and you’re not really sure why. It feels like it’s a game of “now you see me, now you don’t!

Obstacle 3: You’ve made pretty good money, you may have even hit some goals, but you can’t seem to break through to the next level. You’ve tried everything you can think of and still nothing seems to work.

If so, then Money - a love story ❤️ might be for you.

What is it?

It’s a 12 week mini-course, with daily 5 minute audios, leading through three different stages with money. You get daily 2 minute exercises, and a weekly transformational process.

Stage 1: Will You Play With Me? love, Money

In Stage 1, we will spend 4 weeks helping you get to the place where you are comfortable being friends with money. We will clear shame and guilt around having money, and enter into an agreement to work together in a spirit of playfulness, so that you can feel a kinship with money and stop being afraid of it.

Stage 2 Let’s Date!

In Stage 2, we will spend 4 weeks embarking deeper into a relationship with money, getting to know it more personally. Learning about its energy, having conversations with it. We will literally be dating money, so that you start to love having it around, and welcome it’s coming and going like a close friend. This will begin to re-write your old behavior with money to be empowering, in control and confident with money.

Stage 3 50 Shades of Green

In Stage 3 we will spend 4 weeks deepening the intimacy with our relationship with money. We will introduce sensuality, dissolving walls between us and money so that the trust we have in it deepens, and strengthens into an unbreakable bond, so that you manage money in a kind, loving, respectful and responsible way. When you trust money, you notice opportunities to make more, you trust it will return and avoid fear and anxiety. You call it in powerfully, knowing with certainty it will always come when you call.

Includes: Facebook group for Q & A and support so that you know where to turn during the class.

AND Transformational processes each week to radically and permanently alter your relationship with money, ensuring your relationship with money shifts for good.

BONUS: A free digital course called “The Next Evolution” with 23 recorded classes, including classes on how to create healthy boundaries and how to increase your trust, just to support your journey in a more holistic way!

What can you expect?

1. Feel positive about money and enjoy having it around, so that you stop rejecting it and pushing it out of the door.

2. Release shame & guilt around desiring more money, so that you stop self-punishing behaviors and thoughts around money

3. Feel comfortable keeping money around so that it’s there when you need it (aka feeling comfortable with saving!)

4. Feel empowered within your relationship with money, so that you take action when you need to instead of feeling victimized by it

5. Break through your current income barriers with money, so you keep consistently making more and more.

Are we a good match?

✅ If you’re ready for things to change

✅ You know you play a role in your relationship with money and you’re willing to accept that

✅ You’re open for things to be different, even if you don’t know how

✅ You’re open to trying some things you haven’t tried before

On the other hand…

😬 If you’re looking for a quick fix that doesn’t require your participation

😬 If you want someone else to do it for you

😬 If you’re looking for a savior

😬 If you think everyone else is the problem

We may not be a good fit at this time

What is the investment?

The pay-in-full option is $297

Grab your seat here


I can promise you that your relationship with money will be vastly improved after the class if you do the work.


What is the format of the program?

You will receive daily, short 5 minute audio recordings, an exercise 2 mins or less to practice each day and a transformational process each week, with one live Introduction call via Zoom.

Can I invite friends to join?

Absolutely! The more the merrier! In fact, you'll get a $50 referral bonus when a friend you referred joins. 

Do I have to have done any healing before now?

Not at all. This is a foundational money mindset course.

How long will I have access to the course?

For life


🔥 Paula H - I went from $80K in debt to signing $145K in new client contracts in one week

🔥 Kiara H- One of the amazing things that just happened is $1000 showed up in my business bank account yesterday morning. I was not expecting to see money from this past job and I’m in shock!

🔥 Sarah C: I wanted to share a huge win!! I literally had an $11k month and I was completely unaware of it!

For more testimonials, check out "client wins" in my highlights on IG here (I have SO MANY! I have over 200 from 2024 alone!)


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