Jan 20, 2022
There are a ton of CrAzY energies going around on the planet right now!
As we, as a human race, move powerfully into the next era - one of love, cooperation, grace, consideration, sovereignty, respect and empathy - there are forces that are absolutely NOT ready to let go of the old ways. The ways of manipulation, fear, power, control, suppression, suffocation, dishonoring, invalidation and shaming.
These energies, whether real people or simply energetic entities are moving into an all-out, winner-takes-all, backed-into-a-corner-coming-out-swinging kind of fight where no tactics are disallowed and any behavior is acceptable to achieve their means.
They don't know that they've already lost.
But they sure can make the world unpleasant while they go down kicking and screaming 🙄
It is vital that you hold your ground against these energies, and protect your space, because their GOAL is to tire you out so much that you stop fighting for yourself and each other.
If you need some tools and processes to know HOW to do that, watch this class "Protect Your Energy" >>>
It's the BEST $11 you will ever spend, and includes the MOST powerful and effective processes I have EVER encountered to protect my energy, as I get more and more powerful (and the bullseye 🎯 on my back gets bigger and bigger 😆)
These processes will only get MORE effective as you use them, and you will be able to use them forever!
In the mean time, stay strong 💪
We're in this together, you've got this. You are strong enough!
Just keep going!
💜 Abi xoxo


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