How personal responsibility and surrender work hand in hand//

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2022
How personal responsibility and surrender work hand in hand//
They seem like opposing thoughts, but only if you assume that personal responsibility is synonymous with controlling OUTCOMES.
It isn’t.
Personal responsibility simply means taking responsibility for your actions, behaviors, reactions, responses, healing, choices (past & present).
Personal responsibility does NOT mean accepting responsibility of what was done TO YOU by someone else.
Only what YOU CHOSE OR CHOOSE to do about it.
Surrender is accepting that outcomes lie outside of your control.
Including people, people’s thoughts, emotions, perceptions (of you especially), opinions, beliefs, ideals, choices, actions, repeated actions, toxic cycles, addictions etc.
You do not control your children.
You do not control your partners and friends.
You do not control the unfolding or timing of events or situations (although MAN, do I wish we could)
When you surrender control over everything outside of yourself, you are freed up to take full personal responsibility of the things within your life that you are responsible for managing:
🥰 Your health,
🥰Your healing,
🥰 Your emotions,
🥰 Your growth,
🥰Your finances,
🥰 Your choices
Taking care of yourself in all the areas that you need care.
A profound realization I’ve been having over the last week is that I have been so obsessively trying to control the outcome of everything (including the world’s problems) that I had zero energy left to control the only aspects in my life that I actually had control over, and would therefore try to hand them over to someone else to take over. 😅
I used to state categorically, openly, out loud to my partners: It’s my job to catch everyone, therefore it is your job to catch me. That’s what you are signing up for.
So happy to be aware of this pattern and be fixing it.
It feels INCREDIBLY liberating 💜
I highly recommend 😘😍

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