How Do We Speak Our Unfiltered Truth? (And do it with compassion and grace...)

Nov 09, 2021
What’s the difference between having the wisdom to think before you speak and having the courage to speak your unfiltered truth?
There’s a BIG difference, let’s be clear!
Having the wisdom to think before you speak means that you run what you’re about to say through a system that checks for:
🌸 Your own wounds and trauma laden beliefs
🌸 Misinterpretation of what the other person has said or asked
🌸 Your projections of fear and scarcity
🌸 Your judgements
🌸 Your expectations of them (which they don’t deserve to carry)
🌸 Whether or not you are hangry or tired
🌸 If you really mean what you are about to say
Words coming from any of these places can be the most destructive and can never be unsaid. The pain of words cannot be undone. We can only make apologies and help the other person to stitch up the cut our careless words made.
Whereas speaking your unfiltered truth is constructive.
When we filter out truth, we tend to run it through some of the following filters:
👀 What you’re supposed to say
👀 How you’re supposed to react
👀 An unhealthy pattern of believing other people’s emotions are yours to tend, manage or control and speaking accordingly
👀 Any fears of rocking the boat or how they might react
👀 Toxic, icky beliefs that society has projected onto you
👀 Toxic, icky beliefs that you inherited from your family or caregivers
👀 Fears of death and destruction (if you can believe it! Often speaking truth trigger our survival instincts)
When you speak your unfiltered truth in a kind, loving but firm way, you are:
💓 Inspiring others to do the same
💓 Removing and dissolving any relationships that aren’t meant for you (aka they can’t handle your truth)
💓 Sharing your light and wisdom with the world
💓 Holding a mirror for people when they need one
💓 Showing people love, when they need it
💓 Showing up in the world as your unadulterated self, just the way creator intended you to be
Practice thinking before you speak MORE
And filtering your truth LESS
And watch the world around transform 🥰


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