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Dec 07, 2021
“I’m not allowed to have more than I need”
I was attempting to do a limiting belief clearing on myself last Friday on
“I’m not allowed to have good things”
Because I’ve noticed that my patterns of self-sabotage are at an all-time high recently and I’m so over it
When I discovered it was actually a smoke screen for the belief listed above:
I’m not allowed to have more than I need.
The idea of clearing this belief shook me to my core, so I knew I had found the original underlying pattern but the clearing of it was INTENSE!!
I found this belief was installed into the matrix. So I had to actually unplug myself from the collective in order to clear the belief.
(As a side note, I noticed with my most recent expansion I can now see the matrix. And I can see who’s plugged into it and who isn’t. I can see what is truth and what is a contrived installation plugged in to control the collective- it’s all fascinating stuff!)
To find the origin of the belief, I went back to a planet where the beings who installed this belief into the Earth matrix existed. I was one of them. It was a kind of socialist society where no one being was allowed to collect or have more than another. All the resources were pooled. And there were frequent inspections and if you had been accumulating resources, they were taken from you and put back into the pool. No being was allowed to stand out or be unique. Everyone was squashed. Everyone was the same. It was a shaming existence, where you were made to feel unimportant in order to control.
Sound familiar?!
Anyway, at some point in Earth's history, this programming was installed into our collective consciousness. There were a few unplugged outliers who escaped but for the most part, no one did.
As I scanned forward, I saw that it began thousands of years ago when taxes were introduced. Same energy, same concept, same lack of propriety.
And I scanned everyone I knew. Many of them obeyed the rule exactly.
I’m not allowed to have more than I need, so I won’t ask for it and I won’t take it. In fact, just to show my good faith, I will take a lot less than I need so you don’t see me as a threat.
Some, in cooperation with the controllers, agreed to perpetuate the programming of shaming making others feel small and insignificant and were allowed to have and accumulate more as long as it was used for that purpose.
But others, DID allow themselves to take more than they needed and did not agree to perpetuate the control programming.
What do these ones do?
They hide it. They hide it away from others and from themselves. They don’t tell anyone about it (because if they did, they risk someone coming and taking it!) Savings accounts, safes, investments, property.
Or they keep it in a savings account that dwindles over time that they have to keep replenishing and to the seeing eye, it looks like they just live day to day, paycheck to paycheck.
We are secretive. We are hush hush.
How do we respond when someone talks openly about what they have? We shush them. 🤫
Or we distance ourselves from them (we don’t want to be near them when they get found out).
What do our financial planners and accountants tell us? Let’s look for safe places to put it so that when they do find you, they take less.
And what do the ones who are doing the searches do, when they DO find you? (Who just made it legal to track every single penny you take….😳)
They reach into your bank account and take it. They take your house. Your car. Your business. The legal term is “levy” but it’s an extension of this program installed into the collective thousands, if not millions of years ago.
I say FUCK THAT. I cleared the program, but as soon as I plugged back into the collective, it re-downloaded.
So I reached out to my dear friend Johanna and we are going to clear this belief out of the collective consciousness (or at least begin the process).
It’s the dawn of the Golden Age. Light is breaking free and rising into strongholds where we can gain more traction. The wild, soul self is being called in all its honesty and integrity to the center stage. It’s time for truth to rule. It’s time for this shit of shaming and belittling to end.
We will clear this in a free class, this Saturday (12/11) at 9:30 am PST.
Join us! All are welcome. Event link >


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