Four of the most powerful Manifesting Steps

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Hey everyone! 🌟
I just had to share 4 of the most important steps in manifesting that have completely transformed my life and the lives of my clients. Get ready to unlock your manifesting potential!
Step 1: Set a clear intention and get specific about what you desire.
Step  2: Check in with yourself to ensure you believe that this is possible for you. Embrace your inner power! *
Step 3: Take inspired action towards your goals. Remember, you're co-creating with the universe.
Step 4: Let go and surrender. Release any doubts or fears and trust in the magic of the universe.
*re: Step #2, if you don't believe this is possible for you, your vibration will 100% interfere with your ability to manifest this. Your next step is to work on clearing out any beliefs that are standing in your way.


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