Feeling and expressing our emotions...

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022
Part of claiming your inner divinity, especially as a woman, is fully embodying and expressing the way you feel when you feel it, no matter how other people might perceive you.
Others may think you are too emotional, too wishy-washy, too unstable, too changeable, too MUCH.
But when you give yourself permission to behave this way, you know the truth.
That you are a wild, fluid, grounded, ever-evolving being of love and it is your divine right to be so!
This is not a carte blanche to treat anyone with disrespect. The cardinal rule “Everyone deserves an equal amount of respect” still stands at ALL times, no matter how you may feel or what may be going on. We don’t direct our emotions AT someone or BLAME someone for them. But feeling and expressing them outwardly?
BIG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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