Fear Keeps Us Safe... And Things Stay the Same...

Nov 09, 2021
We are afraid of things that are different from us
Terrified, even.
It’s hilariously evidenced in a simple and easy to understand way in The Croods, with Grug’s mantra: “New is bad. What happens to people who see something new? They DIE!”
So we treat things and people that are different from us as less than. If we can marginalize them and make them feel small, then they will act small and stay mostly out of sight.
They don’t have to rub their “different-ness” in our faces.
But here’s the catch. We are all different. Innately. It’s how we were designed.
And because of this fear and loathing society has for things that are different from us, we have an innate sense of danger around people realizing we are different.
And so begins a futile operation of us painting and slathering ourselves with mud, sticks and leaves to try to blend into the background so that no one ever notices we are different
We spend our whole lives trying to prove we are just like everyone else.
When we aren’t, we never have been and we never will be.
And we warn people who step out of line: “Be quiet. Turn your light down. Don’t be seen and noticed. You’re too different. They’ll catch you!!”
This OBVIOUSLY needs to change.
I mean, unless you’re happy living a pretend existence where you try very hard to be something you’ll never be, thereby guaranteed to fail. I don’t know about you but I choose to live a more empowered life than constant demoralization.
Where change begins is on multiple levels:
💕 We become totally and completely accepting that we are absolutely unique and unlike anyone else. Then we can relax into being ourselves, and stop this completely futile attempt at trying to “fit in”
💕 We develop an appreciation and a curiosity for things and people that are different from us in order to grow and enjoy a multi-faceted, rich existence
💕 We desensitize and ultimately release our fear and sense of danger around things and people that are different than us
💕 We work to help those groups that have resigned to be treated as less than develop strong, unwavering boundaries, and empower them to stand to their feet and claim their divine right as equals on the planet, so they do not tolerate being treated in any other way. We can see some of this now, but the resistance they are meeting that is trying to “keep them in their place” is frankly disgusting and shameful. And honestly…. Just confusing to me. I don’t understand how it has been deeply woven into the fabric of society that every being is anything other than divinely equal. That revolting, moldy, maggot-infested tapestry of inequality needs to be ripped to shreds and then burned to ashes.
What can you do?
💜 You can start by working on accepting that you are different and own it, instead of trying to hide it, just in case someone realizes that you are (SPOILER ALERT: They already know! They just haven’t pointed it out so you don’t notice they’re different also 😂🙄🤦🏻‍♀️) . You will inspire those around you to do the same.
💜 When you notice your fear or discomfort reaction to someone or something different than you, lean into it not away. Get curious. What makes this person or thing different? How are they the same? Other people’s experiences and perspectives of life are so fascinating. There is no right or wrong. Just different.
This is where the cliché “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is absolutely on point. We can all do our part with this. We can all inspire those around us and create a rippling effect that changes the world.
You matter.
You are powerful.
You can make a difference.
Let’s link arms and do it together.


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