What Is the Difference Between the Body, the Soul and Energy?

Nov 09, 2021
What is the difference between the body, the soul and energy?
Also answered: What does ‘everything is energy’ mean?
Let’s start with “Everything is energy”
According to astrophysics, everything in the universe is made up of the same types of particles. And every particle is held together by energy. Some of the particles are vibrating slower, which brings them closer together forming matter i.e. you can hold it.
Some of them are vibrating further apart, so they exist in a non-matter state i.e. you can’t hold it.
And all of the particles are connected to each other by more energy.
AND, according to quantum physics, the deeper into each particle you dive, the more energy there is holding the particle together.
Which is how they can take the smallest particle - an atom - and create the largest bomb - an atomic bomb - which explodes simply (ha! She says 😂) by separating the atom from itself and releasing the energy stored within it.
So everything IS energy. That is a literal, scientific phrase.
What that means is that energy is energy, your soul is energy and your body is energy. In that way, they are all the same.
However, they are VERY different in other ways.
The body, the slowest vibrating set of particles of the three, exists in a very tangible, 3D state. That has your brain, which holds all of your experiences and beliefs that you have been gathering since birth.
The soul, is a separate entity from the body, that works with it to bring about soul growth and evolution. The soul carries imprints of our former lives, as well as our experience between lives, but most of these memories are blocked from our brain. (They still exist though, which is why we can tap into them with hypnosis)
Energy, runs the soul and the body. It also carries information on it for us (called messages, downloads, upgrades etc) to evolve and grow. It also connects us with everything else in existence.
All three parts have self awareness and work together in a blended tapestry of skills and abilities.
Energy has the highest level of self-awareness since it is omniscient and omnipresent. (All-knowing and everywhere at the same time)
Our soul has the next highest level of self-awareness, since it carries our between life and past life memories also (some of them from different planets and dimensions). This is the part of us that we would describe as “me”.
Our body has the lowest level of self-awareness. The characteristics of the body blend with the “me” that we understand ourselves to be. The body is quite young and clumsy in comparison with the soul, but still an entity of its own right that deserves equal respect.
Think of it like this:
Your body is a new, kind of “smart” electric car, like A.I. It has the ability to think and feel and learn new information.
Our soul is like the driver of the car. We work together in partnership with the body to get to our destination (which in our case is evolution, growth)
And energy is the electricity that powers the car. Without it, nothing runs.
We need all three parts to live an efficient life. And all parts need to be in harmony.
Does that make sense?
Do you have any follow up questions about that?


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